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English Speaking Lawyers in Mallorca

August 18, 2014

About Rosa

Rosa is an experienced English-speaking lawyer in Mallorca and provides expert legal advice and assistance in the following legal areas: Property conveyances, Inheritance, Family, Criminal, Business, Employment and Tax law.

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The Team

Our law firm is built on the foundations of the highly impressive academic career of it’s founding partner:

“Our objective each day is to increase our knowledge and expertise in the relevant specialist legal areas that we deal in, constantly updating the study of legislative amendments and regional, national and international regulatory reforms.

We believe that this focus on continual training, together with collaborating with other firms in our field, has allowed us to become true experts upon which our clients can rely for professional legal consultations.

Since our formation we have built a considerable profile in the international community by providing legal advice and support to English-speakers in Mallorca over several years.

While our prinicipal offices are located in Palma de Mallorca, we also offer assistance at our meeting rooms in the building of the Law Society of the Balearic Islands in Inca and Manacor.

Popular Services

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Client Testimonials

Below is a list of recent client testimonials received from previous clients of this law firm, obtained via the Wufoo client survey platform:

8th October 2015

What I liked about this service: Value for money. The level of professionalism and excellence in service was not compromised in the reasonably low fee charged for the service. All details were explained in a simple format that an ordinary citizen could understand, sparing the bureaucratic procedure that only lawyers can understand.

Peter Gural, La Linea

29th September 2015

Buying somewhere abroad you would expect to be a painful and distressing process. However, meet Rosa and realise how you would just keep buying houses…. She is a delight. She thinks outside the box, does more than needed in the brief and she makes sure that she is always one step ahead of the seller.

If you want a lawyer that goes the extra mile and then does not charge you for it – a truely unique person who should be running a law firm in somewhere like London or New York!
Thank you so much for making our purchase a joy. We are very, very happy customers.

T.G., England

13th February 2015

Our lawyer listened attentively to what we wanted, was pleasant and efficient. There were no linguistic problems. Although I speak some Spanish, all our business was conducted in English.

I was very satisfied with the service provided.

Neil Coates, Mallorca

5th January 2015

Rosa demonstrated a strong understanding of my legal predicament and provided me with a service that has been unmatched in my attempt to find a solution. 

She was extremely prompt in her response to my emails. I must also note that I have yet to meet an individual so easily approachable, as well as professional.

I say this with complete honesty, the services provided by Rosa were extremely helpful. Certainly worth every penny spent and I intend to enlist her services in the future.

Ted Purdom, Mallorca

15th December 2014

The level of detail and helpfulness were perfect, maintained contact throughout our negotiation period and had everything in place prior to signing the property deeds at the Notary.

This included preparation of Wills and conversion to English ready for review before the actual Notary date.

Returned calls were immediate as the lawyer became available. Value for money was also perfect, with costs individually presented with no hidden charges to suprise us. I will be recomending this Lawyer to my friends and colleagues.

Graham Shaw, Mallorca

 24th November 2014

I got immediate responses to any questions I had, this alone would be enough for a good evaluation.

However, Rosa was also patient and understanding throughout, and went out of her way to make sure I understood everything. I also thought that she was very good value for money.

Perhaps I would have sometimes liked her to be a little more forceful…but this was probably due to me being emotionally involved in the situation. However, I do believe that she got her way in the end and I was always satisfied with her work! 

P.H, Switzerland

 30th September 2014

As I am elderly and do not speak Spanish I found the service I received was excellent, everything explained in easy, understandable language and Rosa’s English was fantastic.

Also the cost was very reasonable as I am only on a state pension. In the future if I need any legal advice I will contact her again. 

Evelyn Lindsay, Aberdeen, Scotland

 1st September 2014

Our lawyer was very understanding of our situation, and took a lot of time to strategise for the best possible outcome. Her passionate performance in court exhibited a heartfelt commitment to our case.

Her fees were very reasonable and she was willing to consider payment terms at difficult times. I strongly recommend her and will use her again in the future. 

Jeffrey Niedermayer, Manacor

 18th July 2014

Our lawyer always responded as soon as possible, provided with all required legal information, was very polite, helpful and understanding, highly professional.

There was no issues on her side during the whole process, except things which did not depend on her. I would definitely recommend her service to any of my friends or aquaintances.

Elena Todd, Almoradi

 3rd July 2014

Very fast and comprehensive responses to all my queries. Always available via email and telephone. Very reasonable fees.Extremely helpful and thorough. Polite, perfect English. Absolutely professional.

Christine B., Spain

 28th June 2014

There really isn’t anything that I could think that would improve the service – it was perfect.

Mealem Yehouda, Mallorca

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